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Zeit zum Atmen
(by Reinhard Karl)

Das Klettern in den Zeiten der Unruhe
(by Roland Heer)

Traum und Wirklichkeit
(by me)

Im Dach der Chaeserrugg-Suedwand: Wir suchten nach einem Sinn des Lebens und fuehrten steile Kriege gegen uns selbst … (Bild R. Baerlocher)

What started me climbing was a book by Reinhard Karl: "Erlebnis Berg: Zeit zum Atmen", which my parents gave me for Christmas. This book was our bible: we went to the places where Reinhard Karl had climbed, tried to climb the same routes, looking for something also he had been looking. The famous starting lines in the book convey a lot of this feeling (in German). Another good description of mountaineering that I really liked was the NZZ-article by Roland Heer, Das Klettern in den Zeiten der Unruhe (in German). Climbing has so many different aspects: adrenaline, frienship, nature. There is no single answer to why we do it. In "Traum und Wirklichkeit" (German) I try to put some of my thoughts together.
Thomas Haslwanter, Last modified 2 May, 2012