My Background



I have grown up in Hall in Tirol, a stunningly beautiful place in the heart of the mountains. It is a place shaped by history and geography. To say that I love the mountains there is an understatement - I have become literally addicted to them. So first I feel Tyrolian, then European, and then Austrian.

Until quite recently, I would have had no hesitation to first say "mountaineering and traveling", and then - after a short hesitation - add "mountainbiking, photography, cross-country skiing, reading, and movies". But things have changed, the mountains becoming more and more of a mirage and a memory. I still can do most things that I want. But the price has gotten much higher.

This leaves mountainbiking, photography, cross-country skiing, reading, and movies. See what that's like, or read more about my experiences in the mountains, and the climbing accident that changed my life.)

The last big influence on my life has been science.The world (and the universe) is a fascinating place, and I have come to appreciate its beauty by studying it. As time moves on, I have become more and more keen to also use the knowledge I have gained in order to help other people. (More about my scientific work and interests on my professional home-page.)
Thomas Haslwanter, Last modified 2 May, 2012