My contributions against climate change

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Over the last few years I have read many scientific publications about topics related to climate change, I have read books, and I have talked to people who work on those issues professionally. The more I read and hear, the harder it is to see how we can get away without a catastrophe on our planet. Sure, we are not the first ones who will have to pay for it: those are the people who live in Vietnam, Egypt, Bangla Desh etc. But open your eyes, form your own opinion based on facts, and I am sure you will see where the journey is going. For my part, I try to reduce my CO2 emissions wherever I can do so easily (e.g. avoid unnecessary trips by car or by plane; turn down the temperature in my house by a degree or two; eat less meat).


I have written a few articles for Austrian journals (all in German):

TV film

Drehaufnahmen NP Hohe Tauern

In August 2009 I have participated in the shooting of a television documentary, on the "Effects of climate change on the Austrian glaciers". You can find some pictures I have taking during the film production; and if you can spare a few minutes, you can find more pictures here.


Thomas Haslwanter, Last modified 2 May, 2012