Everybody knows that we cannot stick to "business a usual" for much longer. In order to change something, we want to get Auf Deutsch English

1 Month CO2-free to University

How? Simple: if you are currently using e.g. a car to get to University, then instead you simply take a bike instead. And if you generate some CO2 anyway (for example, if on rainy days you are going to take a car anyway), then we will all chip together at the end of the month, and compensate the generated CO2 with bought compensation methods (e.g. https://www.climateaustria.at/co2-kompensation.html).

We will do this in May. All you have to do: Participate - and at the end of the month you tell us an email i) how much CO2 your trips to work generate in a normal month, and ii) how much you generated in May. We will then contact you, in order to compensate together the remaining CO2-output.

Please use the template below for the email. And to calculate your CO2-emissions, simply use the CO2-Calculator below. For example, if you
then your email would look the following way:

Normally: 2 [there & back] * 15 [km] * 20 [days] * 72 [motorbike] = 43200 g
For CO2-Free: 2 [there & back] * 15 [km] * 5 [days] * 104 [car] = 15600 g

Re:    CO2-Free
Contact-email:   max.mustermann@gmail.com
Normally: 43200 g
For CO2-Free:     15600 g

Email Template

Simply copy the three lines

For CO2-Free:

in an empty email. enter the values that you have calculated, and send it with the "Subject: CO2-Free" to climate@thaslwanter.at.

Every participant is valuable!


Typical CO2-emission have been taken from European Environment Agency, and the average emissions for bus-km were reduced to 50g/km , since in Linz the average number of passengers on a bus is typically larger than 12.