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  • Comes the Spider

  • Wandern mit Papa
  • My Family in 2018
  • Corfu 2018  Jean organized a conference, and I went to the beach :)

  • Norway_2014 Sunshine, fjords, glaciers, and 30�C in the shade
  • Ljubljana 2014 Like Prague - without tourists ;)
  • Trieste 2014 "I am back again" - my first update since 2012!

  • Winter 2012 The Danube frozen, lots of snow, and - after a 2 year break - finally skiing again!
  • Teulfelsjoch Skiing from high mountains in the Swiss Glarnerland (March 2012)
  • Tierisch Cute cats, cuddly birds, scary insects ... (Nov 2011)
  • Almtal Where Konrad Lorenz found his geese, and - alledgedly - one of the places with the most beautiful women in Austria (Oct 2011)
  • Wedding Anniversary For our 19th wedding anniversary, Jean and I enjoyed a wellness weekend in the mountains around Hinterstoder (Oct 2011)
  • Donnerkogel Up a STEEP mountain above the Gosausee, with my neighbors and friends Beli & Gerhard (Aug 2011)
  • Dolomites in Summer A beautiful trip, after a long time of health problems (June 2011)
  • Hall in Tirol My hometown in the mountains.
  • Linz by Night (March 2011)
  • Dolomites in Fall Hiking again with Jean in the Dolomites, in a perfect fall (Oct 2010)
  • La Palma Spending a week in winter on an island in the sun (Feb 2010)
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Climate Change: Facts

2� : Our goal - the "safe" rise in average global temperature (compared to pre-industrial levels)
565 Gigatons CO2: Emissions we can safely burn before we reach that level.
2785 Gigatons CO2: known carbon reserves owned by existing fossil fuel companies

=> 80% of the KNOWN carbon reserves must not be burned
=> Given the current amount of emissions, we will reach the limit in 2031


from Alan Rusbridger, the Chief Editor of the Guardian, one of the world's most respected newspapers:

If we do nothing, [what] is almost certain to occur [is] a future that one distinguished scientist has termed as "incompatible with any reasonable characterisation of an organised, equitable, and civilised global community."

Global Temperature
Annual average temperatures for GLOBE from 1850-2018 using data from UK Met Office.

Keep it in the ground!

You can still make a difference

You can put your head in the sand, and wait till the changes that will come anyway will hit you. Or you can try to ease the change: We have more wealth and technology available than any previous generation in history, and we can use it to reduce the (already massive) effects of climate change as much as possible. What we do now will change the lifes of the coming generations massively - including that of your children!

More Information

Atmospheric CO2


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